Wedding Hairstyle Without Headaches

Your wedding is the most important day of your life, and every woman’s dream is to look beautiful on the day she gives her vows.

What a Bride Should Be
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Most brides choose an “updo” for their wedding day because they represent a classic, elegant beauty. But you can look just as elegant and sophisticated with your hair down, through careful styling, so don’t feel obligated to choose an updo for your day.

A style that works well for thicker or layered hair is having dozens of intricate curls all throughout the style. This not only gives your hair more volume, but also looks fantastic in any formal or wedding setting. It is also one of the easier styles to have done and a good amount of hairspray will keep the curls tight and up before, during, and after the ceremony.

A smooth, silky style pulled behind the ears is fantastic for those with thinner or wispier hair. Adding some critical proteins while the hair is being styles will keep your hair looking fresh and sleek. A look like this is almost reminiscent of the Renaissance – it’s very classy.

If you would like to stick with a classic updo, there are plenty of styles to choose from that look good with almost any type of hair. But first you need to decide on your wedding veil, if you are going to wear one. The wedding veil and your hairstyle must work together, so once you have chosen your veil you can move forward.

Updos can range from the simplistic to the intricate, both of which can make a huge impression on your guests.

A tightly pulled knot, either to the side or the back, is minimalist, but has been the choice of brides for generations. The knot must be done in a way that will not make it come undone, but will not be painful either.

An intricate and detailed pull-back updo can take a long time to have styled, but is reminiscent of the classic beauties of history. By far, the pull-back updo is the most elegant of bride’s styles, but it just may not fit your personality or, in some cases, it might be too difficult to keep in shape throughout the wedding.

If you need more detailed advice on the hairstyle you should wear for your wedding day, Anastasia is available for a consultation. We can work with your ideas for what you want done with your hair and the wedding veil you will be wearing. Planning for your wedding is stressful enough, don’t let your hairstyle just become another headache.

Anastasia is a salon hair stylist in Oklahoma City. Out of town appointments welcome.
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