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Fashions run in cycles and hairstyles are no exception. There are a few standard styles which stay with us in one form or another through trends and fads. These are iconic styles which have stood the test of time and have become the backbones of today’s trendier styles. With the popularity of Audrey Hepburn’s French Roll (the number one most requested hairstyle in the UK) and the comeback of the pixie we can see the heritage of vintage styles in the styles worn by celebrities on the runway and around town. If you find a vintage or retro hairstyle you’d like to try, ask your stylist to make it your own and update it for today’s trends.

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The bob is one of the most popular styles and has been reinterpreted since its introduction in the 1920’s. When it came out it represented freedom from the old ways of thinking and the vibrancy of youth. Very geometric cuts and finger waves were the fad during this time period. Finger waves became very popular and short hair remained in style during the 1930’s. Today this vintage style is interpreted with finger waves showing up in both ethnic and caucasian hairstyles.,0,5409032.photogallery
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In the 1940’s glamor was the theme with sleek waves and curls. The 1950’s were the post-war era with shorter styles in vogue and short bangs. The 1960’s saw the introduction of the bubble haircut. This was also known as the bouffant. You may know it as the beehive. Women wore their hair short on the sides and longer on the top styled into high and sometimes very elaborate creations. Hippy chic in the 1970’s with natural hair gave way to the big hair of the 1980’s. Do you remember your mother’s can of Aqua Net to hold her hair up? Hairstyles of this decade were also known as “helmet hair”.
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Today’s vintage hairstyles pay homage to the styles of the 20th Century with a 21st Century twist. The bob is now layered, stacked and can be worn sleek, wavy or curled. Hollywood hair, long with waves and volume, is showing up on several runways and red carpets. Even the bouffant is making a comeback. Snooky’s poof is a reinterpretation of a bouffant style and many half updo’s have height at the crown achieved by back combing and teasing. Sarah Jessica Parker is just one of the celebrities who have shown up at galas and on the red carpet with big hair. Oprah Winfrey’s hair was styled in a style very reminiscent of the big hair of the 1980’s for her recent farewell show. Today’s big hair is much more natural looking and soft than it’s ancestor. Loose curls and waves have replaced hard and crunchy hair.

Vintage and retro styles are here to stay, and time will tell how stylists and designers use them to create new and trendy styles. If you have a favorite retro or vintage style, ask your stylist to give you a version of it that is perfect for your face shape and lifestyle. She has the knowledge and skills to bring retro styles into the 21st Century for today’s woman.

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