How To Tweak Five Years Off Your Mature Hairstyle

We all know that water from the fountain of youth doesn’t come in a bottle.

However, your hairstyle could really make you look younger (or it can do the opposite and add a few years to your aura).

Yes, it’s true that many gorgeous, mature hairstyles come with an “age-addition” inconvenience if for only because they appear as if something is holding them back.

This week, let’s talk about removing the age from your adult locks by adding a few tweaks, where the number-one rule is: just be daring!

curls photoMassive Curls

Mature Style: As a rule, owning extra hair volume is a great perk as one gets older; but because curls are so voluptuous, offsetting in style them may make your locks appear less full.

Younger Tweak: Have your stylist create a curly bob that hits just above the shoulders with wavy ends to show off the youthful lines of your face.

Deep-Side Parts

Mature Style: Women who part their hair deep at the side most likely want to generate a striking profile; however, the adult locks that hang from the side part may tend to get scruffy at the ends when left exposed to the elements all day.

Younger Tweak: Make an appointment to add a high-shine finish on the mane. Your parted hair will look tighter and neater, and your new finish will definitely send out some much younger vibes.

Long, Wavy and Formal

Mature Style: Let’s be clear…formal hair is gorgeous, but going long and wavy for those reserved bashes can make mature tresses appear a bit tense and elaborate.

Younger Tweak: Here, your stylist will most likely try securing an imperfect knot at the top or create a furry hairline with some loose flyaways falling from a chic bun to offer your waves a more young-at-heart, dashing appeal.

Girl-Next-Door Hair

Mature Style: Soccer mom hair is attractive, as long as the cut is not a mid-length blunt. Furthermore, drapes of deep bangs can add some years to your girl-next-door facade.

Younger Tweak: Get some layers that begin way below the shoulders with some jagged, point-cut ends to introduce movement. The outcome usually will produce a hot, soccer-mom grandeur.

Ends-Curled Under

Mature Style: Think of the local news weather woman with perfectly curved-under ends, and you’ll kind of get a picture of what we’re talking about here.

Younger Tweak: Ask your stylist for some resolute and haphazard texture in piece-y or beachy forms, and you’ll notice that the older “curved-under bob” will have turned into an image of someone who looks like they enjoy living life to the fullest.


Mature Style: The hip thing about pixies is that they show off poise and self-confidence; yet, if there’re grown out too much, they may scream for some youth-image restructuring.

Younger Tweak: Go for a few eyebrow-grazing bangs that your stylist can lighten to bring more attention to your intense eyes. Remember: light fringes frame the face perfectly on most outgrown pixies.

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