Trendy Hairstyles for Boys – Oklahoma City Hairstylist

Hairstyles for boys have come a long way since the buzz cut, fade,and bowl cut. Today’s young men have several choices for hairstyles. Check out these cuts and see if your young man sees one he’d like to try.

This cut was made popular by pop heartthrob Justin
Bieber. With the long fringe and short sides, this cut is sure to be a winner. The
curve at the tips of the fringe make this a very trendy cute for young boys and preteens alike. This is a very easy style to maintain,
just work in some styling paste for texture and your young man will be ready to rock.
James Dean move over, a new generation of bad boys has arrived. Today’s rebel look has more height in front and shorter sides. Use a blow dryer with gel on the roots to get height, and tease the hair at the crown. Styling paste also helps keep this cut looking great and maintain its height.

With toddlers you need a cut which is easy to style and looks good no matter what the day brings. This cute toddler cut needs almost no maintenance, just wash and comb. The shorter length keeps everything under control so your toddler can run around and be himself without
you having to worry about his hair getting tangled.
A layered cut is a great alternative to a traditional
bowl cut or fade for young boys. Ask your stylist to cut your young man’s hair in
choppy layers with interior razor layering. Blow dry the hair in the natural wave pattern, and apply some smoothing serum or pomade to keep any frizz under control.
Does your young man have a skater side? If so a shag may be just the style for him. Ask your stylist for a chin length razor cut shag.
This cut has many choppy layers which bring out the natural wave pattern of the hair. Use a small round brush to blow dry the hair, and then a bit of smoothing serum to add definition.
If your young man lives on the edge why not let him try
out a mohawk? This cut is short all over except down the center of the head. Gel is applied to create spikes. Since the mohawk section is only about an inch long, if the look isn’t for him it will grow out
in no time.


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