Trend Alert: Ruby Rose Hair Is In The Spotlight

Most people in the fashion world today are in Ruby Rose hair lust, which any layperson can spot just by looking at the hairstyles hitting the runway’s this season. Even though most American folk have seen this hairstyle hit the mainstream, if you ask the average Jane what Ruby Rose hair is, they’ll probably tell ya’ that it’s a cut with bright-red coloring. So, we’re here to set the record straight on this new style fad that all the gals (and men, for that matter) are hankering for in salons throughout the country.

haircut photoRuby Rose (an Australian model, DJ and recently turned actress) is slowly becoming a well-known name in the US. Essentially, the title is a stand-in for many hairstyles that the superstar has debuted throughout the years. Re-creating this undeniably cool, sexless style is a semi-easy task at any pro-salon.

So, let’s take a quick peek at some Ruby Rose particulars to see if this hairstyle would work for you.

What inspired the Ruby Rose look? One summer in 2012, Ruby wanted something light and easy on the hair that was extremely low maintenance. Her stylist came up with a short cut, considered natural and casual with a lived-in look that the fashion world noticed had enough texture to give it a street look.

Can Ruby Rose hair go femme fatale? Yes. After sporting her new hair for a year, Ruby wanted a more sexy-feminine allure. Her stylist then modified her tough image to include hair curving down over her eyes. A pushed-down wave on the new bang complimented her fresh tousled look, and it produced a final result of sexy, bed-head charm.

So, what’s the best way to find a Ruby Rose part? Great question; Ruby never parts her hair down the middle. Instead, Ruby Rose hair should be coming down in a bang or tossed to the side along the hair’s natural hairline so it can move organically. Otherwise, the cut comes off as too severe-looking. One just needs to peek at the direction their hair is flowing—are the locks falling down in the front, or are they off to the side? Find where the hair moves (without any concern for the back), and you’ll discover the best place for your Ruby Rose part, which should always focus on the area nearest your face.

Are there any other tips for maintaining the cut? Well, let’s see–Ruby Rose hair will require some medium-hold styling cream and a bit of spray; but, don’t use too much. Applying excess product in the hair can collapse the style. If your Ruby Rose hair starts to dry, a saloon-sold mist will give it plenty of moisture. A good mist will work best if applied to the mid-shaft and the ends, which will also help set the hair. Except, never apply cream or mist to the roots, unless you want to raise the crown.


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