Top 4 Hair Style Galleries on the Web

This is primarily a site for two things – 1. information, articles, and ideas on hair styles and hair cuts, hair color and treatments, and hair extensions, straightening, perms, etc. 2. contact information for Anastasia – a hair stylist specializing in these areas – for men, women, and children. There are also hair style gallery web sites that can help you frame your desire for a particular style direction.

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Image by J P – R a n d o m via Flickr

If you can target the online galleries that have got the latest “it,” then you can just bookmark them and think about your own hair style (be sure to bookmark this site, too). Here are four hair style galleries that you should have in your browser favorites:

4. Style Hair Magazine – What makes this hair style photo gallery so interesting is the complete line of hair styles you will find, not to mention age and gender groups. They may have a bit too many ads at the top portion of their web page but the content of this web site tries to include as many hot topics on hair as possible. They have trends, how-to, varying lengths, fun hair, men hair, children’s hair, and bridal hair. What makes this website even more interesting is the Visitors Gallery where guests are allowed to post photos of their handy work either as a hair stylist or a photographer.

3. InStyle – This is really a complete head-to-toe fashion web magazine. The beauty of this website is that it uploads pretty fast, considering the amount of graphics it has. The hairstyles you will find here are trendy, celebrity-conscious, and absolutely gorgeous. The web page itself is incredibly attractive and full of information without being too crowded and confusing. They have arranged all the eye-catching headlines and captions without appearing too busy.

2. Hair Style Zone – is another incredible website dedicated to providing you as many choices in hair styles as possible. It shows you how you can use their software even before you register with them.

1. 1001 Hair Styles – – This is not just a gallery of photos. This site allows you to upload your photo, so that you can see how a style would look on you. The galleries also offer two perspectives, which gives you a better idea of how you will look from different angles.

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