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A recent poll of UK Hairdressing Council members has shown a definite trend toward retro hairstyles. Retro styles beat out “The Rachel” from the TV show Friends and Victoria Beckham’s stylish bob. In this country we see a similar trend toward iconic hairstyles of the 20th century. Big hair is showing up on the runway and at events worn by celebrities and models. Short pixie styles have been popular for most of this decade and even the beehive has been revamped with a 21st century twist. Hairstyles, like fashion, run in cycles and right now the iconic styles of the late 20th century are being reborn for today’s woman.

Number 3 Twiggy’s Pixie
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Twiggy was the number one fashion model in the 1960’s. Her slim looks and boyish pixie cut changed the face of fashion for many decades and her influence is still being felt today. Today’s pixie cuts run the gamut from short and spiky to slicked back and smooth. A pixie is extremely easy to wear and looks great on almost every face shape.

Number 2 Marilyn’s Curls
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Marilyn Monroe is the epitome of sexy. She is still held up to be the standard of a woman’s beauty. What makes Marilyn so sexy is her lush figure and stunning blonde hair. Her full curls are sexy and extremely feminine. Today we see her style interpreted as long sexy curls worn loosely to frame a woman’s face or brushed out and formed into soft waves.


Number 1 Audrey Hepburn’s French Roll
Sydney Morning Herald

Audrey Hepburn’s French Roll is the most requested style in the UK. It is a classic look for special occasions and has been popular since she wore it in Breakfast at Tiffany’s in 1961. The French Roll evokes a classic and royal feeling that any woman would enjoy wearing to the prom, a wedding, a special night out or anytime she wants to feel like a queen.

As this century continues more hairstyles will come and go, but these three iconic looks will always be with us in one form or another. Ask your stylist to make them yours by tailoring the cut and style to your face shape and lifestyle. Take inspiration from these styles and find a look you can make your very own.

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