Tips to Keep Your Curly Hair Healthy Looking and Shiny

Curly hair is one of the most beautiful textures, and many women spend hundreds of dollars in the salon for what some lucky women are born with. Full soft curls are sexy and with today’s hairstyles, curly hair is right in style. As lovely as it is, curly hair can be a challenge. Heat and humidity can make curly hair frizzy and hard to managed. But there are things you can do to keep your hair soft and healthy looking.

Image by Martin de Witte

Curly hair needs moisture. Curly hair has a tendency to be drier than other types of hair. Deep condition your hair once a month. Argan oil is an excellent choice for conditioning curly hair. Argan oil absorbs completely into your hair and gives it strength, shine and moisture without weighing it down.

Use a leave in conditioner if you’re going to be in the sun. The sun can dry out your hair, and if you’re going to be outside a leave in conditioner will help prevent frizz. If you’ve ever been out on a humid day and your hair has gotten bigger and bigger as the day went on, you know what the weather can do to your curly hair. A leave in conditioner will help to keep your curls soft and under control.

Use a wide tooth comb when your hair is wet. Don’t ever brush your hair when it is wet. Wet hair, especially wet curly hair, is more fragile than dry hair. Use a wide tooth comb to remove tangles and smooth out your hair. You can also use a wide tooth comb to distribute conditioner when you shampoo your hair or give yourself a deep conditioning treatment.

Wash your hair every other day. Unless you sweat a lot, you don’t need to wash your hair everyday. If you wash your hair everyday, you remove the natural oils your body produces to keep your hair soft and healthy looking. Skip a day to retain the moisture in your hair.

Use a satin pillow at night. You can also wrap your hair in a satin or silk headscarf to keep your hair from being a tangled mess in the morning.

If you take care of your curly hair and keep it moisturized, you will be rewarded with soft, sexy curls which will be the envy of many women. Remember to treat your hair gently and use products that will help add and retain moisture. Ask your stylist for product recommendations suited to your curly hair.

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