Tips to Keep Natural Hair Beautiful – Oklahoma City Hairstylist

Many women are making the choice to wear their hair naturally. Recently Oprah Winfrey appeared on the cover of her magazine O with glorious natural waves. Wearing hair natural is not usually an easy choice for a woman. Many factors are involved in the decision. It could be one of economics (weaves and relaxers can be expensive to keep up) or one of cultural identification. For women of an ethnic background, hair is not usually just hair, but a personal statement of style, culture, and stature.
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Weaves and relaxer services can put a toll on your hair and scalp. Weaves can cause hair loss such as traction alopecia (which is stress on the hair roots from braids). Relaxers are very high in pH. and can cause burns and irritation on your scalp and dry your hair out. The decision to go natural is not only easier on your pocketbook, but also a healthy choice for your scalp and hair. If you’ve been using either one of these, your hair will need to be treated with some TLC while you make the transition to natural hair.

If you have had a lot of hair loss from wearing weave, or you want to get rid of the relaxed hair, you will probably have to have your hair cut very short. This is usually the hardest part of the transition to natural hair. But if you do have to get your hair cut very short, think of it as a chance for your hair to have a fresh start. The new growth will be much healthier than the dry and damaged hair, and you’ll be ahead of the game. So don’t fret, your hair will grow back thicker and healthier than before if you take care of it.

Natural hair needs moisture. Look for products with Argan oil, avocado oil, and olive oil. These oils absorb completely into your hair and scalp. They also contain high amounts of essential fatty acids and vitamins your hair needs to be strong. Stay away from shampoos and styling products which contain sulfates. Sulfates dry your hair out and can contribute to breakage. Make sure you keep your scalp conditioned since healthy hair starts in the hair follicle. Use a scalp cream to soothe any irritation and help to nourish your scalp.

There are many high quality professional products available to help make the transition to natural hair. Ask your stylist for her recommendations on products, and for styles to carry you through until your hair grows out healthy, strong, and natural.

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