Tips for Curly Hair

Curly hair presents its own set of care needs. You need to make sure that you get enough moisture without over conditioning your hair and making it heavy. Over conditioning can make curly hair limp and lifeless. Not getting enough moisture or nourishment can leave curly hair dry and frizzy. Summer adds to these problems because of the drying effects of the sun and wind. Add chlorine from the pool and you have a formula for split ends and unmanageable hair. You can prevent these problems and keep your curly hair shiny, soft and full of body.

Yay! Curly hair for me~~
Image by Debs ♪ via Flickr

Here are some tips to keep your curly hair looking and feeling its best.

  • Keep up with your haircuts. Be sure to get your hair trimmed at least once every six weeks. This will get rid of split ends and your stylist can reduce the weight of your hair to keep it from becoming too “big”. Your stylist can also shape your hair to keep it looking neat.
  • Let your stylist color you hair. Home color products are very harsh and much stronger than they need to be and can cause damage and dry your hair out. Your stylist has the right products for your hair type and texture to give you the best results and protect your hair.
  • Use products that nourish and enrich your hair without weighing it down. Pureology’s NanoWorks System dramatically improves the condition of your hair and helps it to regain the luster and shine (Anastasia carries Pureology products). The organic Mushroom Blend of Shiitake, Mannentake, and Mucor Miehei not only nourishes your hair but provides anti-oxidant protection. Their exclusive nano-technology penetrates the hair shaft and goes deep to protect your hair and the anti-fade complex keeps your color looking fresh.
  • Use a leave-in conditioner like Pureology’s Powerdressing. This light formula of Bamboo, Vanilla, and White Ginger protects your hair from the sun’s damaging rays and keeps your curls soft and full of body.
  • Apply a finishing spray to combat frizz. Pureology’s Takehold finishing spray provides medium hold with their Advanced Resin Technology that hold your curls without becoming sticky or heavy.
  • Give your blow dryer a break. Let your curls air dry when you can. This will help prevent frizz and let your curl’s natural beauty shine through.

Use these simple tips along with your stylist’s suggestions to keep your curly hair looking its best this season. All of the products mentioned are professional quality and available only in salons from licensed hair care professionals. Your stylist is your best resource for hair care information. Let her be your guide this summer and look your best all season long.

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