6 Tips for Creating a Perfect Updo – Oklahoma City

Wedding Hair Updo Styling
Image by hairmagicbymila via Flickr

Updos are the best looks for formal events, proms and weddings. Creating the perfect updo can be a very easy task, if you have the basic skill. If you like creating updos which make you look glamorous on a regular basis; there are a few things you need to know.

Don’t wash your hair: Washing your hair on the same day that you are going to create an updo can be a big mistake. If you wash your hair the same day, it will be silky and unmanageable thus making it difficult to create an updo that can last a couple of hours. When your hair was washed the day before, it provides much better texture and grips due to the level of oil in the hair. You can easily make an updo and hold it in place with the help of pins when you haven’t freshly washed your hair.

Just wash the bands: Some people have very oily hair and washing a day before the function can make the front appear greasy. In such scenarios it is best that you lightly shampoo the bangs and front of the hair so that it does not appear greasy, while leaving the rest of the hair as it is. Make sure that you use a mild shampoo and avoid a conditioner when washing the strands of hair.

Use styling products: It is important to use styling products such as gel, mousse or spray to give your hair the right texture before you start making the updo. Some people create the hairdo first and then use the hairspray, which is the wrong way. You need to work the gel or mousse into your hair using a comb to ensure that it spreads evenly all over. This will give you the proper texture to create a long lasting updo. Your hair stylist can advise on which hairstyling products to use based on hair type.

Take a sample picture: Whether you are creating the updo yourself or are going to your hair stylist, it is always a good idea to have a sample picture with you so that you can tell the stylist what you want. Even if you are doing it yourself, having a picture in front of you will help in checking if you are making it right.

Practice in advance: One of the most important things when creating an updo for a party or a special occasion is to make sure that you have practiced it in advance. Creating updos can be tricky and trying them at the last moment when you don’t have enough time to start over can be a disaster. You should allocate plenty of time for the hairdo so that you don’t panic and mess it up.

Use accessories: You need to have some hair accessories that complement your updo and go with the dress. Even a small jeweled pin can liven up your hairdo and create the perfect look. If you are going to a wedding or a prom, fresh flowers can be the best accessory.