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Fishtail braids are a very hot look this summer, and one that will keep you cool during the hot and humid months. Nothing is worse in the humid Oklahoma City summers than hot sticky hair on the back of your neck. With a fishtail braid you can wear it high in a ponytail, or low and have it skimming your shoulder. This is a very elegant look for a special night out. Recently Blake Lively wore a stunning fishtail braid to an event. It looked very polished and stylish with her yellow gown. Here are some tips to create a fishtail braid of your own.
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Brush your hair with a natural bristle brush until it is smooth. If you have very thick hair, section your hair out and start at the ends. Move your way up the hair shaft to remove any tangles. This will make your hair easier to work with. If you want a messy look, add some texture product after you get it brushed out and fluff your hair with your fingers. After you brush out your hair, gather it up into a side or high ponytail and secure it with a covered elastic. (Use a clear one if you don’t want the elastic to show.)

Divide the ponytail into two equal sections. Unlike a traditional braid, you won’t be using three sections of hair. Take a small section from the outside of one of the main sections and pass it over the hair to join it with the other side. Next take a small section out of the outside of this section and join it with the first section. You should be taking small sections from the outside of the two main sections and passing them over and joining them to the other side all the way down your ponytail. Don’t worry about the sections being perfect, a fishtail braid is naturally a bit messy.

Braid the entire ponytail and secure with a covered elastic. Spray hair with some hairspray and you’re done. You can add a pretty clip or hair bow for an extra bit of style or pop of color.

Styling a fishtail braid takes just a bit of practice, and in no time you’ll have one of summer’s hottest looks mastered. Be sure to start out with a great cut and if you need a tutorial, ask your stylist to show you how to create a fishtail braid.

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