Three Best Hairstyles for Moms – Oklahoma City Stylist

Being a parent is one of the biggest responsibilities that women have. It can be a real challenge to balance parenthood with the desire to be sexy and appealing, but all moms would like to be able to do both. The hair style that you choose will go a long way toward helping you reach both of these goals (responsibility and attractiveness). The key is to find a hair style that looks good without taking a lot of time each day to fix.

Anne Hathaway
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It isn’t necessary to cut off all your hair if you’re a new parent. It’s true that babies do grab their mother’s hair, but usually, this can be remedied by sweeping the hair into an updo. In fact, some women find that having long or medium-length hair is actually easier to deal with when babies are small. It’s harder for babies to grab ahold of hair that’s been pinned up into a bun than to grab onto shorter hair that’s free-flowing.

On the other hand, however, short hair may take less time to wash, dry, and fix than medium-length to long hair. If you’re on a tight schedule (what mom isn’t?), a shorter hair style may be your best bet. Short styles like the pixie cut can be surprisingly sexy. The pixie cut isn’t an iconic “mom-do” by any means. It’s more popular these days because of celebrities like Anne Hathaway.

If you can’t bear to cut your hair super short, you might consider a bob. The bob can be cut short or as long as shoulder-length. It can be all one length or cut into layers depending on your face shape and how you intend to style it each day. Curly or straight, this cut has a lot of versatility. An asymmetrical bob is even more dramatic, yet just as easy to style as a traditional bob. Style the bob with pragmatics in mind when you’re spending the day with the kids and then curl it for a dramatic and sexy look in the evening. The bob is one of the most popular hair style choices for women because it’s generally quick and easy to style but it gives women the flexibility to choose the look that would best suit them.

Medium length hair with long layers is another perfect cut that balances the need for speed with the desire to be attractive. Reese Witherspoon demonstrated that moms can keep their longer locks even after parenthood. With or without bangs, this style is a favorite for new as well as veteran mothers. Pull it back during the day and let it down at night. You can’t go wrong with shoulder-length hair if you want practicality and sexiness wrapped all in one do.

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