Thicker, Fuller Hair Tips

Thicker, Fuller Hair Tips


Are you in constant combat with your hair laying thin and flat?  Knowing the secrets of transformation to get that thicker, fuller look are here for you.  It starts with understanding your fine hair and what you can do give it that full-bodied look .  The three most common reasons for hair to fall flat are the density, stiffness and curvature.  Denser hair has more hairs in a given area on the head, stiffness of the hair relates to how well the hair stands away from the scalp, and curvature refers to the straightness of the hair strand itself.

Connie with new hairstyle
Connie with new hairstyle (Photo credit: adhoc alley)

Hair that is fine often suffers from being weighed down.  Fine hair can feel and appear greasy or oily when there is build-up that styling products leave behind.  Shampooing a minimum of every other day can help to remove build-up.  Your stylist can help you find the right shampoo to do the job.

Those who have fine hair have more fragile hair.  The actual diameter of the hair strand is thinner than other types of hair.  Because of this added fragility, extra care should be taken during daily styling to avoid damaging fine hair.  With fine hair being two times as likely to break as normal, medium-texture hair, careful handling is a must.

Knots are a very common problem for fine hair.  This means a regular regimen of conditioning can help with breakage problems when fine hair tangles.  Because conditioners can weigh your hair down further, when you speak to your stylist about the right shampoo to use also discuss the right conditioners that will not add weight or product build-up.

Is thinning or hair loss your problem? Often, poor nutrition, build-up that suffocates the hair follicle, or toxins that block the hair follicle from receiving nutrients can all be causes for why hair thins or falls out.  If thinning or hair loss seems to be a problem, talk with your stylist to find a solution.

Now that you know the why of your fine hair falling flat, you can work with your stylist on using just the right products to get that thicker, fuller look.