The Short Crop Reaches Women Of All Ages

Ever since pop diva and actress, Jennifer Lopez, debuted her dramatic short crop on Instagram last month, folks have been rushing to their salons to catch on to the new fad. A.K.A, pixie crop, there is no doubt that whoever is sporting the cut this season is turning heads wherever she goes.

haircut photo
Photo by izzie_whizzie

The pixie cut has no maturity or immaturity boundaries, and its trademark response–I feel free!–can be heard throughout salons everywhere after women take the risk of chopping it all off. One just needs to take a look at superstars, Emma Watson, Jennifer Lawrence and Helen Miriam to realize that a short crop really does suit all ages.


Identifying the face shape is the key here. So, in general, today’s adolescents should go short with hair cut just below the shoulders into a long, chin-length bob. Going short will give a maturing teenager more height, and it will allow her to accentuate her favorite facial attributes.

Young Adults

Women in their 20s seem to desire for a more professional Demi-Moore-crop look, which is cut a bit longer on the top to look more mature but still give a young, funky-feel appearance. There is a sense of freedom and empowerment of drawing more attention to the face with hair short, which is what a lot of women entering workplace desire as they start their careers.


The 60’s Twiggy’s look is the most sought out cut in salons today for busy moms who yearn for a short crop. It’s an easy wash-and-go cut that shows off a thirty-year-old woman’s bold personality, but yet keeps her in the glam spotlight at the same time. Just think, Beyonce Knowles.

Middle-Aged Moms

When forty arrives, a woman usually seeks a cut that awards a thinner face appearance, which establishes a younger and more confidant look. The pixie crop does this, and it can also harmonize with a restyling of a wardrobe, which many women find themselves doing after the kids go off to college.

Mature Women

Traveling around the world or retiring with a short crop is ideal for the mature woman because it allows her to flaunt her hair’s natural silver shade instead of displaying the after-effect of monthly coloring jobs. Not only does the adult pixie cut require low maintenance while on the road, but it also saves folks a ton of money on tinting visits at the saloon.


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