The Bun: Versatile and All Purpose Hair

hair bun photo
Photo by Evil Erin

Now that Spring is here and Summer isn’t too far away, it’s good to have a few hairstyles in your arsenal that will help you stay cool in spite of any heat or humidity. One such style is the ever classic bun. “How can the bun be versatile?” you may say.

Here are two options that you may not know but will always look fantastic!

The Braided Bun: This style is particularly good for naturally curly hair. Separate your hair at the crown and tease it slightly to create some lift and body. Then, take the standard three pieces and loosely braid. You’ll want to let some locks fall out because this look is best sported when somewhat messy. Secure two of the strands, leaving the last one free. Pull that strand, pushing up the rest of your hair until you have a bun. Tuck the braid under and secure with a long bobby pin inserted horizontally. Gently pull some wisps out to give that tousled look and finally, use some spray to keep it in place. Voila! Beautiful, braided bun.

The Donut Bun: Beautiful, elegant and easy to replicate, the Donut Bun is a great option for straight hair. Perfect for a night on the town or even weddings, you’ll need to obtain a donut bun before starting. Divide your hair into two from the top of your ears towards the back of your head. Take a hair band and secure the top into a ponytail. Now, slide the donut onto your ponytail so it rests right against the back of your head. Wrap ponytail over the donut, then use clear elastic band over it to create a bun.

With the extra hair that sticks out, you can divide into two sections, twisting them downwards to create two twists. Now wrap them around the bun but this time in opposite directions. Use Hairpins to pin down. With the remaining hair below, divide into two sections. Wrap the left section upwards towards the right, then around the top of the bun in a counter-clockwise motion. Pin down. Finally, repeat with the right section, wrapping around the left side. This is a complicated style, but is easier with practice so be sure to take a few stabs at it before date night!

Putting your hair in a bun is one thing, but you still want to look great when you let it down. I do color, cuts, extensions, and more. Call for an appointment, and we’ll make you look even more awesome!