The Best Bangs for Your Buck – Hair Stylist in Oklahoma City

Are bangs still in? Yes they are and in fact, there are so many different styles to choose from this fall, you may need to really consider your options. Bangs come in a wide variety of different shapes, thicknesses, and lengths and choosing the right kind of bangs for your face shape is an important part of being happy with the final results. If you’re thinking about making a really dramatic change, like that of adding fringe bangs that frame your face, you might want to take a few things into consideration before you visit your stylist.

English: Picture to illustrate bangs
English: Picture to illustrate bangs (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

First and foremost, bangs are a big commitment. Indeed, some might even call bangs a “lifestyle choice”. If you’re athletic or adventurous at all, bangs could really cramp your style unless you have a plan in place for managing them during your most active moments. Bangs can fly in the face of a tennis match or on a windy day, while out jogging. So, it’s important to take these things into consideration before you make the plunge.

If you have a management plan for your bangs and you’re ready to take the next step, then you need to realize that not all bangs are created equal. Some bangs are cut stick straight across the face. Some are cut in a halo around the cheeks and eyes. Some bangs might be very short, others very long. The type of bangs that you choose should be based in large part on your face shape and what would be the most flattering look for you. Your stylist can help you with this decision.

Fringes can really add drama to your overall look. If you’re hoping to make a dramatic change, then getting a set of bangs may be the best way to go. The face-framing effect of bangs can cause a real notice-me effect. Often, the right style  can really bring out your eyes and make your face appear to have a more aesthetically pleasing in shape. Add strategically placed highlights into the mix and you have a recipe for success in terms of style. Be sure you discuss your options with you stylist so you can come up with the best combination of face-shaping bangs and flattering hair color.

The thickness of your bangs is another thing you’ll need to consider before you ask your stylist to make the final cut. How thick your bangs are will depend somewhat on how thick you hair is. If you have thinner hair, your bangs will, of necessity, be thinner as well. Thinner bangs have a more wispy appearance while thicker bangs are more dramatic. Both are attractive, however. Your stylist can help you determine how thick your bangs should be in order for you to get the most attractive style for your face.