Taylor Swift Hair Style

American country pop princess, Taylor Swift has many women going gaga over her hair styles.

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Image by Getty Images via Daylife

She basically has two hair styles that have been creating such a furor – the lovely long curls and the long straight hair. Although both styles look fabulous on her, many of her fans prefer the soft curls. It seems to epitomize the fantasy princess-like image she is popular and loved for.

In December 2009, Taylor Swift surprised the industry and her fans with an amazing straw straight hair style. People were buzzing about the change, asking if it was because of her boyfriend, the star of the Twilight film? However, even with all the commotion of finding Taylor with a new hair do, it wasn’t long before we started seeing those beautiful curly, golden locks again.

Her evening look is studied elegance. She likes to look a little grown up and puts her hair up with soft tendrils softly caressing her face. It’s a great look – formal without being boring; natural without being messy. Funny thing is, it is a messy hair style, but she pulls it off with so much aplomb and confidence, girls are racing to the salon just to get the Taylor Swift look for their prom night, date, wedding, or other special evening occasion.

The day look of Taylor Swift is also a laid back casual, hair down look that moves naturally in sync with every body movement. If you want similar curls or straight hair, for a pop princess/diva look, consult your stylist about your hair texture.

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