Surprisingly Attractive Mullets for Women – Oklahoma City Hair Stylists

Mullets may not be considered the most stylish hairdo available today, but believe it or not, there are plenty of celebrities who have pulled off this hair style with flair. It’s true that you can’t just get your hair cut in a mullet and expect to be seen as an icon of style. Those who have successfully worn the mullet do and gotten away with it were able to make the hairstyle their own. There have been a surprising number of women who have especially made the mullet into a signature look that undeniably sexy. If you’re looking for a hair style that’s both unique and sexy, the mullet might be a good choice.

Asian Mullet Hairstyle
Asian Mullet Hairstyle (Photo credit: Jpxstarz)

That being said, if you don’t want to style your hair each day, the mullet isn’t a good choice for you. Rarely do women wake up in the morning with a mullet and feel like they look good enough to conquer the day without a shower, a hair dryer and some styling tools. The mullet does require maintenance. It isn’t the type of hair style the falls into place on its own. But, once you get the hair style into place each day, it can give you a stand-out appearance that’s singularly your own.

Joan Jett was the one who made the mullet famous and gave it an outlaw connotation among women. In contrast, Florence Henderson of the Brady Bunch wore this hair style unabashedly in a more puritanical manner. Today’s mullet can go either direction as well, although you’re more likely to see it in Emo or Scene circles than in mainstream society these days. Often, even though the hair might be cut in a mullet, it isn’t necessarily labeled as such because most people still see the mullet as a man’s hairstyle.

Asian Mullet Haircut/Hairstyles
Asian Mullet Haircut/Hairstyles (Photo credit: Jpxstarz)

Your stylist may use a razor or scissors to cut a mullet, depending on the final look that you’re going for. By going to a stylist, you can feel confident that the layers of your hair cut will flatter your features and offer you some at-home styling options and versatility. The mullet does offer more flexibility than many people realize. It can be downright feminine or in-your-face masculine depending on how women want to wear it. By combining the mullet with highlighting or color, it can be really give a striking appearance which is why David Bowie sported the do for so long.

The moral of the story is, don’t diss this do. A mullet can work for you, even if you’re a very feminine female. Indeed, you can make the mullet look surprisingly attractive with the right styling products and layers that are cut to frame your face in a flattering way.