Styling Products Basics – What Are They and How to Use Them

There are so many styling products on the market it is sometimes hard to decide which ones are best for your hair. One of the most important things to remember is professional hair care products are the highest quality products you can use. Professional products are formulated to give you the best results and made from the finest ingredients. Your stylist can give your recommendations on what products are the best for your hair texture and hair style. Ask her the best way to use them to achieve the look you want. The basic styling products everyone needs in their arsenal are as follows:

  • Mousse gives you volume and hold. It is good for any length of hair. To get the most volume apply a palm size amount to the roots of your hair. When you blow dry your hair use your brush and pull your hair up to direct the heat onto the roots. You can also use mousse to give curly or wavy hair a soft look. Apply mousse from the roots to the ends, fluff with your fingers and let your hair dry naturally.
  • Gel is great for roller sets. It is what your stylist uses when she rolls your hair up to hold the curl and give you maximum hold. Gel can also be used to spike up short hair, control frizz and style the “wet look”. Gel also helps you give your hair direction and sculpt demanding styles.
  • Styling wax and paste give hair definition and volume. Both are good to use to define curls and waves. Be careful not to use styling wax or paste on your roots or your hair will be flat.
  • Texturizers do exactly what the name says, give your hair texture. Use your fingertips to apply to your hair to avoid using too much and getting a greasy look. Texturizers are a good choice for fine hair to give it volume and movement.
  • Curl enhancers give wavy and curly hair more definition. They work best with a diffuser on your blow dryer set on low. Curl enhancers help to control frizz.
  • Serums protect your hair and give it moisture. Serums give heat styled hair the added protection it needs from dryness and breakage.
  • Heat protecting products also protect your hair from the high heat of flat irons, blow dryers and curling irons. Apply to dry hair before you use your flat or curling iron to give your hair the protection it needs.
  • Shine spray gives hair a boost of shine. Most shine sprays contain silicone that not only make your hair gleam, but protect it from the elements.
  • Hairspray comes in several hold strengths. It has come a long way and now contains moisturizers and protective ingredients.
hair styling with hair gel
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These are just the basic products you can find on the market today. Try different products to find the ones that work the best for your hair. Avoid products that have a high amount of alcohol since it is dries your hair out. Only use the minimum amount of product to prevent buildup. Ask your stylist for her recommendations and remember, great hair starts with a great cut.

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