Style for the Chill: Hair Color for the Winter

Winter is quickly approaching and along with our wardrobe changes, we want to take a look at our overall hairstyle and color. You may have found the perfect cut for winter, but making it the right color can add a considerable amount of “wow” to your hair, and to your overall look!

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Image by FFX © florbelas fotographix via Flickr

This winter you may want to try something different than just going to a darker shade or skipping the highlights. In fact, those dark roots are no longer in this year so make sure your hair color is kept up. Also gone are the days of chunky color and extremely noticeable hair color dimensions. This year try something new with the help of a professional.

Why not try keeping some of your highlights, but adding in some lowlights as well. This will give you the highlights you’d have with a summer look, but toned down for the winter. You may also want to try focusing on the hair around your face. Highlighting your features will not only make your hair look fabulous, but your face will brighten up.

When considering a hair color, make sure that you check with a professional hair stylist. Even an all over hair color should complement your skin tone. You want your hair to be an accessory to your face, not the main feature. Giving it the right color will make your skin look even while the wrong hair color could make your blemishes and imperfections take center stage.

If you are not sure about the look you are trying to achieve, browse through some magazines and look for hair color that you must have. Take the color to your stylist and ask her to help you chose a color with hues that will complement your style and skin tone. A good stylist should be able to give you the desired effect even if the color or highlights are not exactly the same.

Have fun this winter with your hair color and you will see that the days of winter darkness can be brightened!

Anastasia is a salon hair stylist in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Out of town appointments welcome.
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