Straight Hair Styles for 2010

Portrait of girl with straight, blonde hair
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This 2010, many hair stylists have predicted that straight hair will remain in vogue, but with a twist. However, before even venturing into what the trend is likely to be with straight hair, first and foremost, is the health of straight hair.

No hair style will ever look good if the health of your hair is under question. The most difficult hair length and hair type to maintain could possibly be straight hair. This is because there are no curls to hide flaws.

To maintain healthy straight hair, condition regularly, trim the ends every two months even if just a quarter of an inch if you see signs of split ends. Never use too much hair styling products or pull wet hair. Avoid using a brush on wet hair, and never over blow dry your hair.

When you have healthy straight hair, it becomes easier to style your hair. You won’t have weak, bumpy hair strands, and it will fall naturally.

Some of the trendy styles for straight hair this year would be long, layered with bangs. Avoid getting too much bangs because it makes the hair look heavy, and your face becomes smaller.

You should also consider trying some light waves to create body, texture, and movement. If you are unsure about the outcome, play around with some large curlers to find out if the style will fit you. This is easily removes with a simple shampoo.
The trend for natural-looking curls is going to be all the rave this year. This is because there is a move towards simpler styles that flow free and easy. You will not see too much edgy cuts especially with long hair. Think soft and natural.

For hair colors, again the trend will be earth tones. These are neutral colors with natural looking highlights. In other words, nothing stark or glaring; and no obvious contrasting colors. For instance, a good combination would be golden dark brown with golden light brown highlights, or mahogany brown with medium red highlights. Just make sure that the color you select will compliment your skin tone.

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