Stay Cool and Fresh with Braids This Summer – Oklahoma City Hair Salon

If you’re looking for a way to stay cool and fresh this summer, why not try out braids? Braids of all types are very popular, and for the summer they are a great way to keep your hair up and out of the way and still look great. Jill Scott is known for her chic take on natural hair and in this pic she has her hair braided and pulled up into curly ponytail. The neat braids explode into a riot of fabulous curls and give her a youthful and playful vibe.
Image by vh1

You don’t have to have ethnic hair to wear this style, just about all hair types can be braided this way. The trick is to add some styling paste or gel and braid your hair while it is damp. This makes it easier to handle and will help the braids lock once your hair dries. Just be sure to use the product sparingly so you don’t get product buildup. If you’re not up to spending hours braiding your hair, make an appointment with your stylist. Just be aware this style does take a while to obtain. But once you’ve got your hair braided, this style is very low maintenance.

To take care of your new braids, gently shampoo your hair by soaking your hair and then gently massaging your braids to cleanse them. Be sure to rinse your hair thoroughly so you get all of the shampoo out. If you don’t your scalp may get irritated and dry. Pat your hair dry being careful not to rub your braids. Apply some scalp cream or Argan oil to keep your scalp healthy and prevent it from getting itchy.

If you wear your hair like Jill in this picture, make sure the hair not braided stays clean and moisturized, too. This will help prevent it from becoming frizzy. Wear a silk headscarf to bed to protect your braids. Remember not to braid your hair too tightly to prevent breakage and scalp irritation. With this style which combines braids and natural hair, you can keep your cool and look great all summer.

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