Something Fun – Cartoon Yourself

Appdicted, LLC just introduced an app for your smart phone that will let you try on cartoon hairstyles. How this works is that you download a picture of yourself and then use the app to add a cartoon hairstyle to your picture. There are 50 hairstyles to choose from and you can save them to an online photo album if you choose. How fun is that? While it may not be a practical tip like we always try to give you, it is just too fun to pass up a mention.

marimoon versão anime/mangá
Image by marimoon via Flickr

But on the other hand it may help you to try on a hairstyle that you wouldn’t normally consider and find a new look. Yes, cartoon hairstyles are exaggerated and wild, but you could find one that you want your stylist to modify and adapt to your lifestyle and tastes. Look at the popularity of anime hairstyles in young girls. These styles came directly from Japanese cartoons.

This app reminds us that hair can be fun. Too many times we take hairstyles too seriously and become stuck in a rut. New colors, new styling options, it’s all in good fun. So try on a cartoon hairstyle and who knows, you may find one that you like.

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