Soft and Sexy Updo Ideas – Oklahoma City Hairstyles

With the Oscars right around the corner many people will be looking forward to the fashions and hairstyles showing up on the red carpet. A sexy updo can make an outfit special, and make you feel like a celebrity. There are many choices for updos from very simple to very intricate. They all have one thing in common, an updo takes a nice outfit and makes it extraordinary. Here a some soft and sexy updo ideas for your next special occasion.

Carrie Underwood at the 2010 American Country Music Awards in 2010 wore her hair in a very pretty curly updo. You can get this look by curling the ends of your hair and then gathering them into a low ponytail. Twist and pin them up to create a messy updo. Carrie’s sideswept bangs add to the drama and frame her beautiful face.

Elizabeth Banks adds to the glamor of her simple updo with a pretty crystal headband at the 82nd Annual Academy Awards. Hair accessories are very hot this season and you can find several choices to add some style to your hair. You can find headbands, large hair pins, and jewel studded bobby pins to add to your style.

At the Somewhere premier in Los Angeles Elle Fanning, Dakota’s younger sister, wore her hair in an udpo accented by a braid. Braids are still very popular and if you don’t have long enough hair to pull this look off, you can find braided headbands or use human hair extensions to create your own braided headband.

Holly Hunter wore her hair in one of the most iconic updos, an elegant twist, at the 16th Annual Screen Actors’ Guild Awards. This may look like a hard style to do, but it really isn’t. Simply brush your hair back toward the nape of your neck, gather it up and twist it pinning as you go, and then pin the ends under the twist. A bit of backcombing will make your hair easier to handle and give you some volume.

Updos have been a popular way to add glamor and sexiness to a woman’s look for many centuries. From the ancient Greeks to modern divas, and updo adds something special. All of these updos are suitable for women of all ages. At your next special occasion why not give an updo a try? Ask your stylist to help you practice putting your hair up, or make an appointment and let her get creative with your style.

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