Skype-Friendly Hairstyles for Women – Oklahoma City Salons

It isn’t always easy to look at yourself on Skype or other video-chat platforms. Your hairstyle can make a big difference in the way you look in cyberspace. These days, people are taking their appearance on Skype more seriously as business and personal relationships revolve around the use of these technological mediums. If you’re hoping to enhance your virtual appearance, it may be wise to start with your hair. A hair style that looks flattering via the web will help enhance your overall look which will boost your self-confidence when video is essential to communication.

Skype (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Most experts agree that flat hair is perhaps the least flattering in a Skype-situation. Lifeless, flat hair can draw attention to less-than-desirable facial features. On the other hand, a little bit of fullness can go a long way. In other words, take some time to fix your hair, much as you would if you were going out on the town, but make sure there’s some softness around your face. A few curls around the face can give you a feminine appearance. Remember, Skype video gives viewers a 2 dimensional view of your face. You have to try to create the sense of depth within the limitations of video.

Too much volume can backfire on video too. If your hair fills the entire screen, you have too much volume to your hair! Dial it back a little so that your head doesn’t look gigantic on video. The key here is moderation. Make sure that your hair doesn’t look too flat or too voluminous. Try to strike a balance in between these two extremes.

Your hair color can make a big difference via Skype. Again, the key is to create a look that has depth within the confines of a 2 dimensional video chat. If you have ashen hair or hair that simply lacks luster and shine, this fact will certainly be highlighted in a Skype chat. Talk to your stylist about hair color that will give you more depth in a video chat session.

You might want to consider the virtues of curls or a layers look if you do a lot of video chatting. Again, the goal would be to create depth. Layers and curls create shadows that the brain will interpret as depth even though video is currently still only 2 dimensional. Adding layers or curls to your look may significantly enhance your appearance on and off video. You’ll want to get the advice of your stylist to find out whether you would benefit from some layers or perhaps a perm. If your face shape supports this kind of change, it could make your off-screen look more attractive as well as your Skype presentation.