Simple Summer Styling Tips

Summer means time at the beach, beside the pool and more time out out in the sun enjoying the glorious weather. The very things you love about summer can take a toll on your hair. The same rays of the sun that give your skin a sunburn can fade your hair color and make your hair look dull and lifeless. Humidity is the enemy of naturally curly hair. Hot humid days can make your just flat ironed hair into a mass of frizz and unwanted curls. Salt and chlorine from the beach or pool can make hair color fade, dry your hair out and can leave it looking and feeling like straw.

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Summer Cuts

How can you look your best this summer without a lot of fuss and time? Why not start the season off right with a new care free style from your hairdresser? If you’re tired of spending at least an hour flat ironing your hair, try a cute Bob or Pixy? The Pixy is coming back this season and with the wispy sides and bangs this style is flattering for most facial shapes and sizes. The Bob is new again with longer sides tapering to a short back. You can leave the front framing your face long and layered or start at your chin and have your stylist graduated the length into a stacked look at the nape. Another option is to have your bob short and frame your face with long locks.

Another style that is low maintenance is a short to medium layered look. This style is very versatile. You can wash and go or take the time to flat iron or curl your hair depending on your mood and schedule. One of the hottest looks now is a short layered cut that starts below your chin and gets a bit shorter toward the nape of your neck. You can add some soft curls at the sides for a feminine touch and soft face framing.

Heat and Humidity Resistant Products

(Available from Anastasia)

No matter which style you decide on this summer, ask your stylist which products she recommends to keep your hair looking fresh. She may recommend Pureology’s Dry Shine Hair Styler. This product gives you high shine with medium hold. A hybrid of a shine enhancer and finisher, the non-alcohol free formula will not dry out your hair. Its Anti-Fade Complex protects your hair color from the effects of the sun and summer heat. Natural botanicals including Amber, Jasmine, Violet Leaves and Hyacinth give it a light pleasant scent that is perfect for warm weather.

Bring out your natural curl while controlling frizz with Pureology’s Real Curl. This product contains Anti-Fade Complex to protect your hair color and Humidity-Resistant Technology. The alcohol free formula won’t dry your hair out and the natural botanicals of Mushroom Extract, White Tea and Sandalwood nourish and protect your hair while giving you soft bouncy curls.

Summer is a time for fun and relaxation. Make everyday a summer vacation with these simple summer styling tips. Your stylist can suggest a cut and style that will fit your busy schedule while making you look your very best. Start the season off right and visit your salon today and simplify your life so you can go out and enjoy all that the season has to offer.

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