Side Sweeps Get Sexy – OKC Hairdresser

The 1980’s are making a comeback in a big way. People everywhere are donning 1980’s inspired clothes as well as hairstyles. Thankfully, not all of the hairstyles of yesteryear have made an appearance yet, at least not with the same flamboyance, but women especially are going back to 80’s-inspired side sweeps with great success. Surprisingly, there are a variety of different ways to pull this style off such that it could be appropriate for just about any setting. Celebrities have been out and about showing off the various ways in which the side sweep can be put to use.
Scarlett Johansson has demonstrated the virtues of the side sweep with short hair. Her bleach blonde locks with a slight wave looks sexy and yet sophisticated with an evening gown. On a regular day, this sort of look would look sexy and yet serious with a business suit as well. It just goes to show that even women with short hair can be creative and get o board with the trends if they set their minds to it.

Scarlett Johansson show 01
Scarlett Johansson show 01 (Photo credit: Luiz Fernando / Sonia Maria)

Cher Lloyd has also been observed sporting a side sweep. Her hair is considerably longer than Scarlett Johansson’s, but the look still looks great on her. It looks a bit like a side pony tail, but it has a more sultry appearance as the hair isn’t held tightly in place. Her hair is rather curly and the side sweep is attention-grabbing while still framing out her face.

The side sweep sometimes looks a lot like a side pony tail, except that the hair is kept down, mostly just to add some interest to the look. A side sweep is sexy and somewhat surprising. It can be worn by women who have super straight hair as well as those who have a prolific number of curls. Long hair or short hair can be pulled off to the side to create this asymmetric appearance that catches the eye.

To do it right, a side sweep should make use of some styling products like mousse or volumizing hair spray. You’ll need to use the products to keep the hair in place. It’s important that the dreads are smooth and that the hair looks as though it’s held solidly in place. Most women have to use bobby pins to get the full effect. Pins that are the same color as the hair are easiest to hide. They’re an absolute necessity for women with medium to short hair who want to do a side sweep because they don’t have the weight of the hair to keep the locks held in place on the other side of the head. Women with long hair can pull their dreads over the shoulder to the side to help keep things in place.