Short Ideas for Short Wedding Hair Styles

Wedding hair idea
Image by mintytrina via Flickr

How many weddings have you attended where the bride had short hair? Didn’t she look gorgeous? Hip? Flattering? A lot of brides opt for long hair, but there is no optimum guide to the length of the brides’ hairstyle; it’s about feeling fabulous while complimenting her dress. Often, the most elegant and stress-free approach is to base it on your every day look, and then jazz it up a bit with highlights, tiara, headband or jeweled barrette. Some ideas for short hair:

  • Tiara: elegant, glittering diamond-patterned crown
  • Sparkling headbands with or without a veil
  • Pearls attached with Velcro
  • Dazzling rhinestones
  • Layered tones: a two-tone, professionally colored and layered cut
  • Small curls: for vintage or country garden themes; create loose curls and capture them with bobby pins to create a frame around your face
  • Simple part: for a classic theme; make a part, and hold with gel and hairspray.
  • Straight: use hairspray and comb the parted style…pretty much what you would wear to work, accented with some earrings.
  • Wild and Crazy: for a funky themed wedding; use a brush some super hold gel and hairspray and get creative
  • Elegant wave: for very short hair; put some medium hold gel in your hand and scrunch your hair to create a little bit of wave

Anastasia is a salon hair stylist in Oklahoma City. Out of town appointments welcome.