Short Hair Trends for Winter 2014 – Oklahoma City Salons

Winter 2013-2014 is a time for experimentation and thinking outside of the box. If short hair is your thing, this is the perfect season for you to shine! While everyone else is contending with winter hat hair, you’ll be mostly in the clear! Short hair has a lot to offer during the winter season and there are plenty of hot styles to prove it. Whether you’re new to the short hair scene or a veteran, this winter has a lot to offer you.

hair cut
hair cut (Photo credit: E.N.B.)

It seems that the pixie cut just won’t give up. There are tons of celebrities who have worn the pixie cut with great results from Anne Hathaway to Winona Ryder and perhaps that’s why so many of us are captivated by this do. The pixie cut is surprisingly versatile. You can wear it with a headband, spike it, slick it back, or do any number of other styles with this cut. Just be sure you have a regrowth plan if it isn’t something permanent for you. Check into hair extensions or plan to regrow your hair into another, slightly longer style after the winter season is over.

The short bob is another popular trend that seems to be perpetual. The bob is usually all one length, though it can be cut in layers depending on your face shape and how you intend to style it. Short bobs can give you just enough length to be able to style it different ways, but without all the hassle of longer hair.

Adding some highlights or all over hair color can make a big difference in the final style that you end up with as well. This season, there are so many colors to choose from that you may have a hard time deciding which one is best for you! Dramatic chunky or whispy highlights are still en vogue, although this fall, whispy, natural looking highlights dominated the runway. If you’re feeling especially bold, get some punked out color going on with red or dark blue highlights around the face. If you have chocolate colored hair, consider getting a few peppermint-green whisps for a cool, yummy look.

Putting together a package that suits you through the winter months means discussing your options with a stylist you know and trust. Whether you already have short hair or not, you need to make sure that the cut you get is one that you can live with for a while (it’s hard to amend really short hair cuts). During the winter, getting highlights or hair color can make a big difference in the final outcome of your style so consider how your cut and color will work together before you decide on a particular course of action.