Shag Haircuts Compliment All Face Shapes

The shag became popular in the 1970’s and some form of a shag haircut has been in the mainstream ever since. What makes a shag style so popular is that this cut can compliment any face shape. With an experienced stylist you can get a cut that is just right for you. Shags are easy to care for and offer you a wide variety of styling options. You can wear them flipped out, smoothed under or with a bit of styling paste for a messy bed-head look.
Modern Medium Shag

Shag haircuts are good for women of all ages. They can be youthful and sporty or give an older woman a more youthful appearance. The layers add volume and interest to your hair and keep the eye moving. Highlights and lowlights show up exceptionally well in a shag because of the many layers. If you think a shag has to be short, you are mistaken. This type of haircut comes in all lengths. Long shags look great on wavy hair or hair that has some natural curl. Medium length cuts give your hair plenty of movement and styling options and short shags are the ultimate in easy hair care.

A shag can be worn in business, at play or even spiked up and funky for a night out. The first place to start is with an experienced hairstylist. She will take into consideration your face shape and your lifestyle to give you a cut that is tailored just for you. Keep you hair healthy with quality salon products and styling aids. Avoid high heat appliances and always use a thermal protector when you blow dry, flat iron or curl your hair. Take a tip from our funky sisters of the 70’s and give a shag a try. You may find that it is one of your favorite styles and looks great on you.

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  1. Hey Anastasia! I am looking for a stylist that can do the REAL DEAL 70’s shag ~ the Modern Shag does not work for me, as the layers are too long and are weighted to the bottom line of the hair. I am a Modern Day hippie chick from the 70’s and have naturally curly hair, that requires no fuss proper layering. I am having trouble finding someone who can do the proper 90 degree layers just like back in the day. It’s the only way my hair behaves and grows out naturally! Can you help? Thanks!

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