Sexy, Glamorous Curly Hair Styles For 2010

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Image by wcm1111 via Flickr

2010 is promising to be a very interesting year for hair styles. It’s like Independence Day run amuck. Based on what we have seen so far from last quarter of 2009 and coming into January this year, hair stylist predict that curls will still remain a style favorite.

The trend with curls for 2010 is not the tight, stiff curls, but soft, gentle rolls of hair cascading down a woman’s back. It’s going to a wonderful year of sexy, glamorous curly hair styles.

For spring, many stylist predict the curly messy hairdos up in a gentle bun with a bit of hair framing the face. The interesting part of this trend is that it is so easy to do it on your own. Of course, nothing beats the professional touch for nights out on the town. This is because it isn’t just a simple case of “bun-on-the-run” but a more controlled effect with some degree of controlled movement and texture.

This brings us to the management of curly hair which is very important to stay in touch with fashion today. Having curly hair always makes a statement. It draws people’s attention. This can work for or against you because curls need more time and attention. The curly hair trends for 2010 needs definition. In other words, you need to get your curly locks under control. If you allow it to run wild without definition, that’s exactly the opposite of the 2010 look.

To do this, ask your stylist to slightly layer your hair to keep the weight even. The best lengths for 2010’s fashion look for curly hair would still be the medium to long hair. You can add some straight bangs to your look to put some contrast and style. Avoid curly bangs though because it just is too reminiscent of a young baby girl look, which is not a 2010 fashion statement.

Anastasia is a salon hair stylist in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Out of town appointments welcome.