Sexy Braids for a Comfortably Stylish Summer ­– Oklahoma City

Summer is a great time as you get to wear sexy clothes with stylish sandals and what not. However, for some people, picking the right hairstyle or look for the summer wardrobe is quite a task. Picking the right hairstyle for summer can be a very easy thing. All you do is keep your hairdo as simple as your wardrobe. You may choose to just allow your hair to hand loosely, but let’s face it, its summertime and leaving your hair lose can make you feel extremely hot and might eventually ruin your entire look.

The best option for a summer hairdo is braids; you just can’t go wrong with them. You might think wearing a braid will be boring but there are many different ways you can wear it. Here are some of the hottest braids according to some of the top hairstylists:

1. The Classic Side:

One of the simplest and the sexiest styles is to make a lose braid and just let it lie on one side. It’s simple, easy and looks great. Just use side parting with this style and let your bangs loose to soften the effect and you have yourself a chic hairstyle.

2. The Fishtail:

A more difficult and complex hairstyle is the fishtail which is intricately woven but looks great. Rihanna has been seen fashioning this style. You might not be able to make a fishtail yourself so go to a New York Hairstylist and get your styling done in advance if you have an event coming up.

3. Heidi Braids:

You can easily make Heidi braids yourself and it looks formal enough to go to an event. All you have to do is leave a center parting and then start making a pig tail. Once you have done that you wrap it around your head and secure it in place with the help of some bobby pins.

4. Away from the Face:

If you are getting tired of always having your bangs in your face, the best way to get them away is to pick up the front patch of hair and make a loose braid. Just pin the braid to your head and you are ready to go. It is not only convenient but also looks great.

5. Sideways French Braid:

One of the more elegant and stylish braids the sideways French braid that makes you look like a star and is easy to make. However, if you are not an expert at making a French braid, you might want to seek the help of a professional hairstylist.

6. Random Braids:

While random braids have nothing to do with convenience or summer for that matter, but they do look great. All you have to do is pick up random strands of hair and make a braid. Even three or four random braids make you look amazingly sexy.

7. Braids with Accessories:

One very popular braids style is to use many different accessories when you are making the braid. Accessorized braids look cool and stylish at the same time.