Save Time in the Morning with Style and Go

Mornings are hectic, that’s just a fact. You rush to get ready in the morning and to look your best. Once in a while time is not on your side. Why not make an early appointment and let your stylist make your day less rushed? Your stylist offers more than just cuts and color. She can also help you look your best before an important meeting, presentation or date.


Remember the days when your grandmother went to the salon every week and got a wash and set? Why not take a cue from her and make an appointment for yourself? Grandma did know best. Now your stylist can offer you streamline services that will save you time and make you look great. Why spend hours doing what your stylist can do in half the time? A style and go service can include a shampoo and conditioning treatment and styling or you can just pop in for a styling service.

Do you need an updo for an important occasion? How about a sleek look? Maybe you just need some ideas on how to style your hair to look your absolute best. Your stylist is here to help you. She can tailor your hairstyle to flatter your face and hair texture. Not only can she find a style to suit your needs, she has the best quality products to bring out the shine and maintain your look. Nothing beats professional product’s performance for manageability and hold.

So do yourself a favor and make time work for you. Don’t rush around in the morning trying to feed the kids, pack lunches and get yourself ready, call us today and set an appointment for a style and go. You’ll walk out the door polished and refreshed, ready to face your day.

Anastasia is a salon hair stylist in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Out of town appointments welcome.