Save Time with a Chemical Free Blow Out – Oklahoma City Hairstylist

Blow Out Bars are the hottest rage in large cities, but you don’t have to travel to New York or LA to experience the luxury and time saving service of a blow out. Back in the day our grandmothers visited the salon once a week for a wash and set. They looked upon this time as a chance to get away from it all and be pampered. It also freed them up from the hassle and worry of doing their own hair. Today you may not want a wash and set, but have you ever thought of pampering yourself and getting a blow out service? Blow out services use no harsh chemicals, just a blow dryer and a flat iron.
Image by Roberta W. B.

When you come in the salon for a blow out your stylist will give you a shampoo, blow dry your hair, and then use the flat iron to smooth your hair. What you leave the salon with is beautiful hair and a relaxed attitude. This is a great service for women who have very curly or frizzy hair. Your stylist can use professional styling (no chemicals) products to take make your hair sleek and smooth. These products will protect your hair from sun, wind, and pollution. Once your hair is blown out and flat ironed it will last for up to a week if you don’t get it wet.

The secret to the blow out is the way your stylist blow dries your hair. After towel drying your hair she will section it out and clip the sections up out of the way. Taking small sections of hair she will use a large barrel brush and direct the blow dryer’s flow onto the hair shaft running the brush and blow dryer down the hair shaft to create a smooth texture. After she gets all of the sections dry, she will resection your hair and proceed to use a flat iron combined with a heat protecting and anit-frizz product to create a sleek and smooth look.

You can keep your hair looking salon fresh by wearing a silk headscarf to bed, or wrapping your hair. To wrap your hair simply take your hair and wrap it tightly around your head. Then using a silk headscarf, wrap this around your hair and secure it with hair pins. A silk pillow case will also help to extend the life of your blow out. Blow outs work on all hair textures including ethnic hair. Treat yourself today and discover what our grandmothers knew. A visit to the salon for a “hairdo” can not only make you look great, but feel great too.