5 Reasons Why You Should Give Layers a Try – Oklahoma City

Layers have been in style for years and will be popular for years to come.  All actresses, models and celebrities wear layers in different styles for the last few years and with a few changes and upgrades they manage to look more glamorous with every new layered hairstyle they fashion. One of the best things about layered hairstyles is that they look good in both short and long hair lengths. Also whether your hair is straight or wavy, it will fall into great layers adding to your overall appeal.


A layered hairstyle works for almost everyone which is why all women and girls are opting for this style.  Layered hairstyle frames the face, accentuating the eyes and cheekbones. Here are top reasons why you should give layered hairstyles a try:

1. Adds Drama and Style:

Layers introduced in any hair length and style can add a lot of drama and glamour. You look stylish and sexier by introducing layers without getting rid of the length.  Straight or wavy hair might look boring and dull but if you have layered hair, it looks stylish and vogue. You don’t have to go through lengthy procedure to make your hair look fabulous every day.

2. Highlights the Color:

If you have colored hair, the best way to make it stand out is to cut it into layers. Most importantly, if you have highlights or lowlights in your hair, layers can help you bring out the color fantastically to give you that ‘just from the salon’ look. You should consult your Manhattan hairstylist and ask him which hairstyle will help produce the best effect with your hair color.

3. Increases Volume:  

A great benefit of having layered hair is that it adds volume to your hair, so if you have thin hair, a layered style might be the best option for you. The more layers you add to your hair, the more volume you will attain. If you want a sharper look, you can ask your hairstylist to give you the razor cut, which makes it look more zesty and chic.

4. Easy to Style:

Layered hair is the easiest to style as with the help of a flat iron you can create a dazzling look within minutes. If you have curly hair, all you have to do is apply the appropriate hair product and achieve the best look within minutes.  Even if you wear a simple hairband or pull your hair back for a half tie, the layers in the rest of the hair look great and add a glamorous effect. For a more formal effect, you can try braids in the front.

5. Suits all Face Shapes:

A layered hairstyle looks great on all face shapes, which is why women of all ages are trying out these layered hairstyles. The length of the hairstyle might depend on the shape of your face but the bottom line is this: Layered hairstyles bring out your features and make you look awesome at all times.