Reach New Heights with a Quiff – Oklahoma City Hairstylist

If you’ve never heard of the Quiff hairstyle, you’re not alone. This hairstyle has height at the crown and slicked back sides. Think James Dean or Elvis. The Quiff was very popular in the 50’s and made a comeback in the 80’s. It was recently made popular again in part by the twins Jedward who appeared on the X-Factor, and have gone on to become popular singers in the UK and Europe. Rhianna and other celebrities have also worn a form of the Quiff recently and it looks polished yet edgy.

It’s fairly easy to style a Quiff. If you know how to style a Pompadour you’re ahead of the game. If not, follow these tips to get your Quiff to the height you want.

  • Apply a bit of gel to damp hair and comb your hair back. Comb the sides vertically if your hair is short, and be sure the top is combed straight back.
  • Backcomb the crown section of your hair to get the height you want, and then smooth the top hairs over the backcombed section.
  • Next use your comb to add height to the top. Take a small section of hair into the comb and twist it back to form a loose curl.
  • To form the Quiff, you can curl the top or spike it up. The choice is yours.
  • Set your style with hairspray and a bit of shine spray.

The Quiff is a very versatile and fun hairstyle to wear. You can be as creative as you dare and express your unique personality. Ask your hairstylist to help you the first time you try to style a Quiff. She can show you how to backcomb and curl your hair to reach new heights.

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