Professional Advice For Dealing With Clammy Conditions

If you’ve ever taken a vacation in a country where the weather is permanently hot and moist, it’s no doubt you will know about the disastrous effect humidity can have on your hair. High moisture levels in the air cause straight hair to frizz, designer curls to drop and textured tresses to become wild and bushy.

Luckily, we pro-stylist know how to counteract the ill-fated consequences of merging a gorgeous ‘do with warm, damp air; which we’ll share with you with you right now…..

hair wash photo
Photo by aqua.mech

ONE: Leave-In Conditioner

Ask your stylist about leave-in conditioning treatments, and use the product at least once a week. Many pro-conditioners flaunt anti-humectant properties, which help hydrate the locks. You don’t need to rinse out this product; that means you don’t risk stripping out the treatment’s supportive effects with water.

TWO: Cold Wash

After washing your hair with a healthy hydrating shampoo, bathe your locks with a stream of cold water. This will close hair’s cuticle and seal up the pores so that humidity from the air can’t get in to ruin your ‘do.

THREE: Keep Your Hair Long

A lot of girls cut their tresses in preparation for the hot muggy summer; this is not the best strategy to counteract the ill-effects of humidity. The weight of longer hair helps to prevent the natural puffiness that occurs when dampness sinks into the cuticle–just remember, shorter cuts will curl up in the clammy air, but lengthy locks will usually keep their shape.

FOUR: Silicone Treatment

Silicone-based hair treatments repel humid elements exceptionally well. The product covers each strand and assists in locking in the hair’s natural moisture to prevent clammy interference. But do not go overboard here, since too much silicone can make hair feel heavy and motionless.

FIVE: Hydrate

Always remember; the drier your locks are, the harder the humidity will strike them. This happens because dehydrated hair is naturally absorbent. So, protect your hair from frizzing and flopping in clammy weather by making sure you condition it intensely to restore and nourish any damage tress.

SIX: Air Dry

While a blow drier can save a girl’s life when she’s in a rush, it’s not a terrific tool to use when dealing with clamminess. Exposing dry hot air on the tresses will simply cause them to dehydrate faster; and as we’ve said above, that’s the last thing you want to do.

SEVEN: Carry Hair Ties

When all else fails, tie up your carefully planned style to defy the heavy humid air from creeping in. So, you’ll want to be sure to pack plenty of hair ties and clips before hitting the street, just in case you need to control your locks if crisis mode hits.


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