A Pre-Fall Look Into The New Lob

It’s no secret that we stylists keep a careful watch on all the pre-holiday hair fads. We love letting our customers know about the hottest trends before they hit the streets, and of course, which pre-winter cuts are in vogue.

Celebrity cuts are the main holiday-hair source for discovering what us ordinary folk will soon yearn for at the salon. This post-fall season, the West Coast is shaking things up with sweeping rad-cuts that have emerged from last summer’s “chopping trend.”

Have you noticed that nearly every long-haired, A-list celeb has chopped their locks into either a bob or a mid-length cut?

Hence, take a look the pre-fall lob with traces of shaggy nuances, and you’ll understand what these holiday short-chop trends are all about…

some of which we’re gonna detail for you … right…now…

fashionable hair photo
Photo by H o l l y.

Cheekbone lobs…

Somewhere amid an extended pixie and undersized bob lies a 2016 jaw-length style that holds a taper, which just slightly kisses a shaved the neck. Haley Bennett gave this polished and personal cut a whirl at Hollywood’s “Girl on the Train” premier, and people went bananas, afterwards.

Here, one can also add a few piece-y bangs with this grown-out lob to take this pretty pixie into 60s mode, which we believe a lot of folks will be asking for this holiday season.

The Kendall lob…

Kendall Jenner recently transitioned from super long to a soft-layer lob of which her stylist inserted some choppy waves for her Vogue cover photo. This cut is an absolutely-popular adoption of the lob, as most top-models soon followed Kendall’s lead with their own variation of the Kendall lob.

If you own some long thick and healthy locks, you might want to think about rocking your texture in piece-y, shoulder-grazing length too. Just be sure to have your stylist point cut the ends to award your gorgeous tresses some extra “Kendall” movement.

Lobs with bangs…

Next, we present the girls this fall who shell-shocked their lobs by installing bangs. Selena Gomez’s fringe has swayed Nickelodeon TV, since 2000. She later shortened up with a curly or straight lob after moving to the silver screen.

Today, some added bangs have amped Selena’s lob into a more saggy-feathered look that had most female freshmen rushing to the saloon to get before the 2016 semester began.

And even more bangs…

Blunt bangs also work well on a layered lob. Just ask Rihanna, who sported her sleek, mid-sized cut on her latest world-tour. Her above-the-shoulder cut is actually angled upwards in the front and around the face, which gives the whole image a choppier and most modest façade.

Short and shaggy lobs…

The short and tousled look hit late summer like a storm after Jennifer Lawrence flaunted her choppy lob with lightly feathered ends in a fall Vanity Fair interview.

This lob is an agreeable dissimilarity from Jennifer’s customary longer locks, which her stylist accomplished by creating an eye-catching bob that fell between her chin and shoulders. Lawrence’s pre-fall cut is modern because she parts the tresses on the side and adds some elastic swirls.

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