The Pixie Voted #1 Haircut of 2011 – Oklahoma City Hairstylist

Emma Watson’s pixie cut was voted the number one cut by the Wall Street Journal’s Fashion Highlights of 2011. Emma’s pixie even out ranked Jennifer Aniston’s new bob for searches on Google last year. According to the Daily Glow, Emma’s pixie was cited by the Wall Street Journal as a major shift in women’s hairstyles. While that may be a bit of a steep statement, no one can deny the pixie has taken the American hairstyle scene by storm.
Short Haircut Styles Info

The pixie has been a popular style since the early 50’s when Audrey Hepburn wore one with short fringe. Many young girls wore their hair in pixies in the 60’s and it remains a very chic style suitable for women of all ages. The pixie is not for the fainthearted, it takes some spunk and confidence to wear your hair this short, but if you’re brave enough you’ll find this one of the easiest ways to wear your hair. This style has many variations, you can wear it with or without fringe, parted in the middle or to the side, and straight, wavy or curly. A pixie works for almost any type of texture and thickness.
Good Housekeeping

Your stylist can razor cut your hair if it is thick and wavy, or point cut the top to give you more texture and the illusion of thickness. Like all styles, the right products can help to produce the desired results. For a wash and go look massage in a small bit of gel to keep frizz under control. For a pieced out look use styling paste to spike up your pixie. If you want a smooth look use some leave in conditioner to keep everything sleek and smooth.

Ask your stylist which type of pixie is best for your face shape and lifestyle. She can help you be creative and get the pixie that looks the best on you.

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