A Pixie is the Ultimate Summer Hairstyle – Oklahoma City Hairstylist

Since summer is right around the corner in Oklahoma City, you may be looking for ways to keep cool. One way is to consider a new hairstyle. The pixie has been a favorite style for many years, and today’s celebrities are wearing it as an alternative to more fussier styles. The great thing about a pixie is the ease of styling. You can wash and go, or take a bit more time to add waves and curls. The pixie looks best with delicate features, but your stylist can tailor one to flatter your face shape.
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Pixies range from very short and cropped, to longer with waves and curls. This style is an excellent choice for almost every hair type except very curly hair (which has a tendency to bunch up when cut very short). You also have many choices as far as styling your pixie. You can wear it slicked back, parted to one side, with or without fringe, and add some styling paste or gel to spike it up or a messy bedhead look. The choice is up to you and since it only takes a few minutes to style a pixie, you can wear it a different way each day.

For her role in Les Misérables, Anne Hathway had her hair cut in a pixie. Anne’s pixie is very short and looks to be cut with a razor. Razor cuts give the hair a fringed layered look which will help to bring out your hair’s natural waves. If you don’t want to go as short as Anne has, ask your stylist to keep the crown longer to give you more styling options. Traditional pixies have the ears uncovered, but this is also a place your stylist can personalize your cut. If you don’t want your ears to show, ask her to keep them covered. The options are as varied as your tastes. If you want to stay cool this summer, why not consider one of the hottest hairstyles today?

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