Paris Hilton Hair Style

Paris…Paris…Paris! Just her name alone, and you know who we’re talking about. This Hilton heiress has everyone’s tongues wagging whenever she so much as opens her mouth. Paris became world-famous after her bumbling series, “The Simple Life”.

Paris Hilton at a press conference for GoYello...
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Paris Hilton manages to keep re-inventing and experimenting with fashion, including her hair style. Paris Hilton’s hair has gone from long to short and then back to long again. Obviously, she prefers the blonde look.

Her golden locks are usually set with the tousled, just-got-out-of-bed, no fuss hair style. It seems her hair just falls naturally, carefree and ultra chic. To get the 2010 Paris Hilton look, you need the basics, starting with a great layered cut. Without this, no such hair style will last a day.

Your stylist will know that to get the Paris Hilton look you have to have fringes on the side of the face to frame it, without overpowering the facial features. Your hair should also be a certain length to achieve her longer golden mane look. If your length is too short, you might want to consider extensions.

Did you know Paris has her own line of hair extensions? Frankly, though, if you want the extensions to last and be worth your money, it’s better to get it professionally done by your stylist. Good sewn-in extensions, for example, can last for months. Locking extensions are far more costly, but they can last indefinitely and can even be reattached if you pull one out while styling.

Essentially, Paris Hilton has two main hair styles with twists here and there. First is her day look which is the hair down her back, multiple waves framing her face, and wispy bangs to tie the look together. Second is her evening look which can be the glamorized version of her day look, or a hair pulled back into a chignon or pulled together look that shouts all about luxury and the joy of being young, blonde, and in-demand.

If there is one hair style that characterizes Paris Hilton – it’s footloose and fancy free. She does what she wants. She can shock the world with a bob that is shorter on one side, or she can look like a poised Hilton princess, easily as clicking her heels. To get the Paris Hilton look, consult your stylist and explain what you like about Paris’ style.

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