One Set of Shears Does Not Fit All

Your stylist should take care to select the correct shears or clippers (and also know which one to use) for your hair texture. One size does not fit all, and if your hair is coming out wrong, this could be why. Ideally, your stylist should have several sets of tools, and adjust based on the client’s hair textures. For example fine straight hair should never be cut with a razor while thick wavy hair will release its curl and body if cut correctly with a razor. An experienced stylist knows that using the correct tool to cut and shape your hair will bring out the natural movement and use this knowledge to create a hair cut that is a work of art.

Carmen hair clippers - 3
Image by davesag via Flickr

In cosmetology school your stylist learned how to use her shears and clippers. While some stylists have a natural talent, it does take practice and experience to learn to use the tools effectively. A talented stylist’s shears are an extension of her hand. She uses them to bring out your hair’s natural beauty by working with your hair’s growth patterns, thickness and texture. This is where knowing which tool to use is so important.

Using the incorrect pair of shears can leave you with an uneven cut and when your hair starts to grow out, these mistakes will become even more apparent. One of the hardest skills to learn is blending a clipper cut on men. Most men’s cuts start with the clippers and graduate to shears on the crown. This transition area around your head is very tricky to get even and blend. Unless your stylist is proficient with her clippers and has a steady hand, the result will be very undesirable. Selecting the correct set of guides for her clippers, your stylist can give you an even cut that will grow out and look good even weeks after she cuts it.

Look for a stylist who is experienced with cutting a wide variety of hair types. A talented stylist has a large arsenal of shears and clippers to choose from to meet all her client’s needs. You can’t cut everyone’s hair with one pair of shears and just like in clothing one size does not fit all, your stylist should be prepared to choose the right “fit” to ensure you get a balanced and even hairstyle that looks good when you leave the salon and for several weeks afterward.

Anastasia is a salon hair stylist in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Out of town appointments welcome.