No Muss No Fuss Hairstyles for Busy Women

Life seems to fly by at break neck speed no matter if you work outside the house or are a stay at home mom. Mornings are worst getting everyone up and out. Getting the kids up, dressed, lunches packed and off to the bus often leaves you no time to manage your hair, makeup and decide on what to wear. Why not give yourself a break with some easy to do styles that you could almost do one handed?

The pixie is a versatile style that is hot with celebrities this season. A true wash and go classic, the pixie can be worn smooth or with texture. If you have a round face, wispy bangs will draw attention to your eyes and keep your face from being cut in half. Women with triangular faces will want to have heavier bangs to hid their wide foreheads and even out their features. A pixie looks great on women of any age or race and is one of the most carefree hairstyles today.
Hair Cuts Hair

If you have long hair a polished yet easy to do style is a half up and half down ponytail. This style looks good with any hair texture. You can take a large barrel curling iron and give your ends a bit of curl or just wear it long and straight. Add a bit of lift at the roots to give your face a lift and you can opt for bangs or just pull your hair straight back. This style has many options and is good for everyday wear or an evening out.

Women who are blessed with natural curls or waves can wash and go with a touch of anti-frizz product and shine spray. Pull your hair back with a pretty head band or scarf for a touch or color. A loose ponytail for curly or wavy hair is very feminine and a polished yet relaxed look. You can go from boardroom to soccer practice with your hair pulled back with a colorful scrunchy or hair band.

Another styling choice is a twist. Simply gather your hair like you would for a ponytail and pull it up toward the crown of your head while you twist. Continue twisting until your hair is gathered together and secure it with a clip. Fluff the ends, spritz it with a setting spray and you’re ready to go.

These are just a few ideas for women on the go. Start with a good cut and quality hair care and styling products and you’ll be ready for whatever the day throws at you.

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