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 Sexy and adventurous styles you can also wear to the office:

Your hair says a lot about who you are, what you are like as a person and what your personal style is. And these days, with all the modern, cutting edge and super sexy hairdos around, even the most stoic professionals are sporting glamorous and fashionable styles to the office. But what are the rules, and how can you still express yourself with a fabulous hairdo and keep it cool at the office? Here are some great ideas to get the best out of both worlds

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Check your office policy

You may have a strict dress code that you are expected to adhere to, which would include things like hair color, piercings tattoos and the like. If your firm, office or company needs to display a certain persona, no matter how good you are at your job, you can’t rock up to a meeting sporting a green fringe. If your restrictions are mainly directed at a specific professional dress code, use your discretion when it comes to picking a suitable haircut. A classic bob with a cheeky sweeping fringe will still be able to fit a professional image, with just a hint of sexiness around the face, opening up the eyes. If you want a short cut with added pizzazz, a zigzag parted pixie adds volume and interest, yet remains professional.

The Reality of High Maintenance Hair

Follow your stylist’s advice with this one. If you not going to get up at 5am every morning to style your brand new look – then discuss a low maintenance version of the look you want. Remember the cardinal rule of choosing a new look: High Fashion = High Maintenance. This goes for color and cuts. Be realistic, otherwise you are going to hate your hair a little bit more every day when you look in the mirror when you realize you can’t manage it. And going to work sporting the ”Just got out of bed – about to get back in”, is not always going to go down singing hymns. Go for a style that is versatile. Short cropped pixie looks, can be demure for work during the day, with a side parting and a pulled-forward fringe. But the right amount of wax and a little hairspray, can take the same cut into a wild Mohawk and hot tousles in a flash.

Healthy and Shiny is Always Sexy

Voluptuous hair that has its own swing and seems to just command attention when you sway your heavenly locks into the room, is not always necessarily about the cut or the color – sexy hair is all about condition. You can have the best cut and color in the world, but if your hair is dry and tatty, you are going to have a serious problem coming across as a consummate professional. Factor in the cost of your treatments and professional hair products as part of your investment, because your hair is the frame around your face and when your hair looks good, you will feel like a million bucks. Long layers are very popular on shoulder length to mid shoulder length hair. You can wear your hair up at work and unleash the layers by night. Instead of the usual swinging ponytail, fashion your hair into an on-trend knot, or you can add a bit of volume spray for a textured feel.