The Many Variations of the Bang – Oklahoma Hair Salon

Bangs frame your face and help bring out your features. There are many variations of the humble bang, but not all bangs are suitable for all face shapes. You want to find a bang that not only flatters your features, but helps to compliment your facial shape. For example if you have a round face, a heavy fringe may not be the best choice. A side swept bang will help lengthen your face and give it a slimmer appearance. Wispy bangs are also a good choice for round faces. But a heavy fringe will help hide a large forehead if your hairline is high.

The current trend of a deep side part is flattering to just about everyone and it also gives way to many more bang styles. You can wear your bangs short and just above your brow line, just past your brows, or have them longer and swept back behind your ear. For an edgy look, have your stylist razor cut or point cut your bangs. This gives them a choppy look and is a great alternative to the more traditional look of scissor cutting.
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You can see in this picture how the heavy fringe really brings out Christina Ricci’s eyes. Her bangs are cut almost one length all the way across the front hairline. For this look use your flat iron to smooth your bangs and curve them under just a bit. Edith Bowman’s side swept fringe gives her a youthful and feminine look. Side swept fringe is the perfect compliment to a half updo. You can get this look with a flat iron or a curling iron depending on how much body you want your bangs to have.

Ask your stylist about adding bangs to your look. She can help you find the right style and shape to bring out your features and match your style.

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