Make a Statement with Demi Lovatos Teen Choice Awards Hairstyle – Oklahoma City Hair Salon

The recent Teen Choice Awards produced some very lovely hairstyles, but Demi Lovatos’ high “unicorn” ponytail stole the show. This look really makes a statement and was the perfect compliment to the host’s flirty dress and heels. While the jury is out, chances are the ponytail itself was created with human hair extensions. A high unicorn ponytail may look hard to recreate, but it is easy if you have the right tools and products.
Sugar Scape

First make sure your hair is moisturized so it is shiny and manageable. Day old hair works best since it is easier to work with than slick just washed hair, but if you want to start out with fresh hair use some dry shampoo spray to give it a bit of texture. This will make it easier to handle and help to keep it up in the slick ponytail. Use a natural bristle brush and brush your hair back into a high smooth ponytail. If your hair is long you’ve got it made, but if your hair is on the short side add some human hair extensions to give it length. You can even find human hair ponytails you can clip onto your hair for an easy solution.

Use a flat iron on the ponytail to give it Demi’s sleek look. (Be sure to never use heat on synthetic hair or you’ll melt and damage it.) Next take a scarf or strip of fabric and beginning at the base of your ponytail, wrap it tightly to form the “horn” of the unicorn pony. You can go as high as you want depending on the look you want to achieve. Secure the scarf or fabric with hair pins and spray the entire look down with hairspray. Now you’ve got a stunning look sure to turn heads at your next special event.

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