Would You Make a Good Blonde?

Blonde hair can be sexy, sophisticated and attention-getting, and if you had light hair as a kid, you’ll likely look good with blonde hair as an adult. So what about those natural-born brunettes and redheads who are flirting with going for a makeover that would make Gwyneth Paltrow jealous?

blonde photoHues must complement everything….

Your face and hair need to match each other when going blonde. Managing an excellent contrast between these two features is where a pro-stylist adds his or her creativity to the mix. Women with fair skin must stay away from going too light, so that the hair and face won’t look the same color. The same goes for you darker skinned gals, who will what to avoid clashing with brownish-blonde hues. Just remember that the best hair tones always allow for contrast that will flaunt the entire face.

The one-color only or highlights dilemma….

When going blonde or lighter, you either choose to apply a one-color process; highlights or both. Now, some clients prefer to apply only the one-color process because it’s less expensive than highlights, but take caution here because hair that’s blonde all over can appear monochromatic and can also look super unnatural. However, women with a good light color base can skip right to the highlights; and just so you know, girls with “dirty” blonde hair are the best candidates for highlights.

Take your time going blonde….

Brunettes really must take their time going blonde because hair can only lighten so much in just one session, and if you push too hard, you’ll most likely get some orange-ish tresses. Coloring a bit each month is the best way to control the hue’s total brassiness.

And one last thing, whenever lightening a darker base to blonde via one-color process, make sure that your hair was not previously chemically straightened or permed. A good rule of thumb is that you should never subject hair to more than two chemical processes within a one-year period.

Make sure you can commit to blonde hair….

Blonde hair can be high maintenance because you have to commit to regular touch-ups as the hair grows out. You can also look forward to purchasing the proper hair products to keep those blonde locks always looking natural and fresh. Depending on root growth, touch-ups should be scheduled every four to eight weeks, and color treatments can last up to two or three months on end.

This is just a head’s up for those women who are busy at work or at home and know they won’t make regular trips to the salon. However, you should not let blonde-maintenance scare you from going for this fabulous look, since it is really true that most of the time, blonde do have more fun!


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