Look Younger with a Soft Hairstyle – Oklahoma City Hair Salon

Celebrities and their hairstylists know a secret. Women over 40 and 50 look younger with soft hairstyles. Even Jamie Lee Curtis with her infamous pixie avoids hard edges and has her hair styled in a soft version of this classic style. Have you ever noticed most Desperate Housewives have waves and soft layers framing their faces? How about the woman on Sex and the City? Carrie had that wavy head of hair, Samantha usually wore her hair layered and long, and sweet Charlotte kept her hair long and pulled back in a hairband. Miranda was the only one with a edgy style, but she pulled it off and it fit her character perfectly.

Another celebrity that looks fabulous in longer hair is Madonna. She is in her 50’s, but takes great care of herself and wears her hair loose, wavy and sexy. What makes her style so youthful are the soft waves and deep side part. The waves make her hair look touchable, and the deep side part softens her face. A middle part can be aging on a woman over 40, and if you don’t have some movement in the form of layers or waves, long hair can pull your features down and make you look older and tired.

Color is an important factor in younger looking styles. Avoid one dimensional color, or color which is too dark. If you want to be a brunette, have your stylist add some caramel and dark honey highlights to keep your color from looking flat. An experienced stylist can formulate a color for you which will bring out your skin tone and have plenty of dimension. Thankfully the days of cutting your hair short once you get past 30 are gone. (Short hair can look great if you’re over 40 as long as it is cut and styled without harsh edges or lines.) Today women of all ages can enjoy soft waves, lovely layers, and look sexy and gorgeous at any age.

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