Long or Short Retro Waves are Hot – Oklahoma City Hairstylist

One of the hottest trends in celebrity hair is a head full of waves. Wavy hair has been in style for some time now, and you can wear it long or short. The key to getting a full head of lovely waves is to use styling products that hold the wave, but don’t weigh down your hair. You still want some movement in your style, so don’t think you have to end up with “helmet head”.

First wash and condition your hair with a moisturizing system. Hot tools sap the moisture out of your hair, and your hair needs to be in top shape to hold a curl. Next apply a bit of volumizing mousse to damp hair. Mousse is a good choice because it isn’t heavy on your hair, and unlike gel won’t cause that icky white buildup. Next comb your damp hair with a large tooth comb and divide it into small sections and hold them up with hair clips.Blow dry your hair, take each section and using a barrel brush run the blow dryer along the section of hair from root to end. Once you have your hair dry, apply heat protecting spray and resection it.
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For Scarlett Johansson’s look you’ll need a Marcel iron. These differ from regular barrel curling irons and are used to make waves and curls. Scarlett’s look is a bit more time consuming to do, but the results are stunning. Take each section of hair and press it with the Marcel iron to form waves. Line up each wave to the other section of the hair and do this all the way around your head. You may want to have your stylist do this and show you how it’s done. Let your hair cool completely and then you can gently brush it out to loosen the waves or leave it. Use some medium hold hairspray and you’ve got a very chic retro style.
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You can use a curling iron or hot rollers to get Bar Refali’s long wavy curls. Follow the above instructions and simply roll your hair up on the curling iron or hot rollers. If you use a curling iron, wrap the hair around some rollers after you curl it to really lock in the waves. Let your hair cool completely, lightly brush it over to one side and let it fall over one shoulder.

With some practice and the right tools and products, you too can have lovely retro waves no matter if you have short, medium or long hair. Ask your stylist to help you get it right and then you’ll be ready to style and go.

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